{Design Inspiration} The White Bathroom

There is something so incredibly chic about a white bathroom.  Serene yet impactful and easy on the eyes, I will venture to say that white bathrooms are truly my most favorite variety.

White Bathroom {Something Decorated}

I love the mix of the different patterns on both the countertops and the flooring.  Similar, yet different — the perfect marriage.  Simple vanity seating picking up the grays in the stone makes me swoon at the sheer intent.  And a fabby light fixture with a little glitz finishes this space off in the most wonderful of ways.

White Bathroom {Something Decorated}

I can barely handle those floors.  A bathtub right next to a window overlooking a garden…well, that’s where you can find me.

White Bathroom {Something Decorated}

And of course, I have saved my favorite for last.  An amazing sink area with natural stone mimics the flooring, which has been laid on the diagonal…perfection.  A Neoclassic fauteuil upholstered in velvet Greek key…  I’m afraid to say that if it gets any better than this, I will be positively surprised.

What do you think of white bathroom spaces? Are you as enchanted by them as I am?

*All images via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles.


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