Friday Favorites

Happy Friday to you.  🙂  This week has been crazy with not much time to relax, but I did get to squeeze in some Downton Abbey episodes and some wonderful quality time with my husband.  Between meetings, client appointments, and social media, Friday has arrived quicker than ever.  There is no sign of things slowing down next week, either, so I will continue to pop in when I can and bring you all the inspiration I can find.  I am quite active on Pinterest these days, so you can usually find me there any given day of the week.  I try to pin all sorts of different things — from recipes, to fashion, and even kiddo things — and, of course, plenty of interior design.

This weekend brings plenty of work, time spent with my family, and hopefully some more Downton.  🙂

I’m bringing you an edition of Friday’s Favorites this week that is strictly makeup-based.  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that occasionally I will be producing these round-ups and I do hope that you enjoy them.
Friday Favorites

{1} Shea Terra Organics – Rose Hips Black Soap

This soap is completely incredible.  I received it in my Birchbox a while back and was experiencing some really awful breakouts on my face.  It seemed as though nothing could cure the cystic-like acne that was popping up all over, but this stuff changed everything.  It is both a mask and a face wash, and after rinsing your face of it, it’s amazing how utterly clean your skin will feel.  Literally squeaky clean, I’m not even kidding.  Using this soap and the Clarisonic that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago I have pretty much cleared up my skin entirely.  It’s crazy!

{2} Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Accessoire

Having never tried a Chanel nail color before, I was so excited to receive this polish in my stocking on Christmas morning.  The color is a deep red with a hint of brown…the perfect hue for this time of the year.  Using the top coat that you’ll read more about below, I can get a weeks’ wear with this polish.  The quality of the polish in both the way that it applies evenly to the nail and the design of the brush itself is not even comparable to any other polishes that I have tried.  It’s simply the best!

{3} Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel Eyeshadow in Bad to the Bronze

That is basically the longest title ever for what I like to call Perfection in a Jar.  First, let’s discuss the packaging.  It’s a heavy glass jar that feels expensive and heavy-duty, filled to the brim with gorgeous, creamy amazingness.  The color is wonderfully layerable, and I love that on days when I am feeling rushed, a couple swipes of this eyeshadow with my ring finger and a few coats of mascara is all my eyes need before I walk out the door.  It’s very easy to apply, easy to blend away if you make a mistake, and — bonus — it doesn’t crease.  At.  All.  Now, I use an eyeshadow primer which may have something to do with that, but honestly, I am in love.  With an eyeshadow.  Sad but true.

{4} L’Oreal Paris Magic Lumi Primer

This is a great primer.  I’m not 100% set on using this primer “forever” and I’m sure in the summer months I may have to switch to something a little bit heavier since makeup literally melts off my face that time of the year.  But still, I like this.  One pump is all I need, and my face feels so soft with such an even tone after I put it on.  My makeup applies better, and stays until I take it off at night — in other words, it does what I want a primer to do for me.  But I’m sure that my success with it comes along with the other products that I use to take care of my skin, also.

{5} CND Speedy Top Coat

Hands down the best top coat I have ever tried — I swear by it.  It doesn’t even matter the quality of nail polish that I use underneath this top coat, I get a weeks’ wear.  The finish is gorgeously glossy, and it dries within twenty minutes.  Not like the kind of dry where it’s still easy to knick it, though — truly and thoroughly dry.  I don’t know how, but I am obsessed.

{6} Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

A completely gorgeous palette — and while I’m sure it’s different for everyone, these shadows look best on me when I am wearing a black top or dress.  I am so impressed with these Urban Decay palettes, as I now have 1, 2, and 3 — I find myself wondering what I’ve been missing all this time with shadows that have absolutely no pigment and lose their color by noon.  I cannot recommend these shadows enough!

{7} L’Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Lumi Highlighter

Much like the Lumi primer, I am enjoying trying this product.  I think it’s great, it applies to my face in a smooth way, it’s layerable without being cakey, and it’s as light as can be.  I think this is definitely my favorite drugstore or budget concealer I have ever tried.  But will I eventually want to give something else a go?  Sure.  However, in the meantime, it’s doing its job and I am a fan.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend filled with warmth and time with your loved ones.  I will try to pop in a time or two to say hello, but in the meantime, enjoy your Friday evening.  🙂

*None of these companies have any idea who I am.  I just love their products and wanted to share them with you!*


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