Spring Patio Update

Yesterday I was in the mood to do some Spring Cleaning, so I thought I would start with the patio, where dust and leaves were taking over what little space we have out there.  We live on the second story of an apartment complex, and though we have great coverage from trees, they also shed all over the place.  During the warmer months we’re pretty good about vacuuming out there once a week or so, but since it’s been cold for the last few months, it had gotten a little neglected.  I also wiped down our furniture — with all of the Arizona desert dust, things can get a little cakey.  I threw away some plants that had died out there (how sad is that?), and potted my little Trader Joe’s violets in a cream-colored urn.  I also added some pillows to our chairs, though I will have to bring those in once monsoon season begins.  And I set up a little chair in the corner so that I can read and relax with Kuma while the weather is still nice.

Spring Patio {Something Decorated}

Spring Patio {Something Decorated}

Just a few simple updates, and this space is all ready for Spring.  And me?  I will happily spend all the time I can out there while weather still permits.  Only a handful of weeks until it may just be a little unbearable!



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