Dining with Saarinen

A couple of weeks ago, I was at a meeting and a co-worker and I got on the subject of how much we love to see dining areas using Saarinen tulip tables.  There are so many different seating options that you can choose to use with this table — you can go super contemporary or pair it with classic chairs, giving you a very eclectic, collected-over-time look.  I love that about this table; it’s incredibly versatile.

Dining with Saarinen {Something Decorated}

Aren’t you just loving the pop of pink with those chairs?  This really is quite a feminine look, but it’s roughed up a bit with that Hicks pendant.  The black grounds the space in such a beautifully contrasting way.

Dining with Saarinen {Something Decorated}
Kara Rosenlund

A little bit of a tribal vibe going on here, right?  I love those chairs, and the banquette seating is a great addition.  Are those flour or coffee sacks made into pillows in the corner?

Dining with Saarinen {Something Decorated}
A House in the Hills

Now here’s an example of how you can create a super contemporary look.  That copper pendant is so great — I’ve been drawn to it ever since I first saw it.

Dining with Saarinen {Something Decorated}
Style Me Pretty

Can you even stand how fun this is?  First of all — all of the pink.  I mean…yes.  Second of all — the Panton stacking chairs.  Anytime I see these used, I get a little bit giddy inside.  These were one of my top favorite chairs when we were studying Modern Furniture in school.  And that fun bench with the Rococo animal leg.  Love it.  Plus the amazingly feminine almost-lingerie-like chandelier.  Can I just move in?

Dining with Saarinen {Something Decorated}
House to Home

To me, this room has such warmth even with the stark white, modern furniture.  The fuzzy sweaters for the floor, the herringbone wood, the rustic element of wood in a fireplace alcove.  And then there’s the hilariously brilliant painting of the dog.  To me, this room is the epitome of comfort.  I just want to take off my shoes and hang out here.

Dining with Saarinen {Something Decorated}
Christopher Peacock

Tulip table — check.  Eames Schoolhouse chairs — check.  Pop of stunning orange — check.  And look at the adorable trim on the Roman shades.  How sweet is that?  I really like the way that the base of the table marries to the crisp white trim on the baseboards and windows.  You can bet that a wider shot of this space is even more beautiful.

Which is your favorite way to style a Tulip Table?  Ultra-modern?  Eclectic?  Glam?  🙂



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