Moving {Something Decorated}I don’t think moving tops anyone’s Favorite Things to Do list, and I’m no exception.

However, that being said, my husband and I are very grateful.  We have two incredibly loving and supporting families, and we are currently in the midst of a move to his parents’ house where we will stay for the next several months in order to save up for a home of our own.  We aren’t planning on being here for more than a year, but we will be saving-saving-saving until we can purchase instead of continuing the endless cycle of renting.  We’re so thankful and so glad that we’re doing this.

My in-laws’ home is beautiful, which makes the transition easy to say the least.  Most of our things are being stored where they can, but for now we are taking up one of the guest rooms in the house and a closet or two.  Just wanted to check into this little blog of mine and let all of my readers (aka mom and maybe dad, lol) know that I am still here, writing.

xo, maria


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