Book Nooks

Book Nooks {Something Decorated}via

There is something about a great reading/book nook that makes my heart happy.  I love the idea of perusing shelves upon shelves of books, selecting a favorite, and curling up in a cozy spot to enjoy it.

Book Nooks {Something Decorated}
I have a very big collection of books…but I need more.  Do you ever feel like that?  In my opinion, my collection will be complete once I have every single book.  This means that I will need a very big book nook.  Obviously.  🙂

Book Nooks {Something Decorated}

A book nook would be even better on an ever-rainy day.  That would be my definition of a perfect day — reading in my book nook with my many thousands of titles.

Book Nooks {Something Decorated}

Of course, a comfy chair is necessary.  I will need to find the perfect one.  One that I can sink into and one that will be supportive, but not too supportive.  Perfectly cozy and soft.  And coffee.  I’ll need a mug of coffee.

Book Nooks {Something Decorated}

A window seat would be okay with me, too.  Especially one that is upholstered in pretty fabric, with lots and lots of pillows.  I could even take a nap there while taking a break from my book.  I think it would be glorious!  🙂

Book Nooks {Something Decorated}

What’s your favorite book — the one that you would be reading in your book nook?

xo, maria


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