Dinner Party

A week or so ago, Greyson and I had my best friend Taylor and her boyfriend Chris over for dinner.  It was so fun!  We kept the menu simple, starting with Caprese bites — mozzarella, grape tomatoes, and basil skewered onto toothpicks; and a French baguette, sliced and broiled, with good European butter, sliced radishes, and sea salt on top.   For dinner we had pasta and red sauce with shaved Parmesan.  I know, I am a culinary genius, lol.

Dinner Party {Something Decorated}

I wanted a moody black and red theme for the table setting, so that’s what I did!  Simple, layered table settings are my favorite.  You seriously can’t mess it up — just add layer upon layer of a color theme that you like and it will look intentional and lovely.

Dinner Party {Something Decorated}

Dinner Party {Something Decorated}

Aren’t the little glass balls cute?

Dinner Party {Something Decorated}

If you’re looking for a great blog to read, don’t miss Taylor’s!  She blogs at Luminous Balloon.

xo, maria


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