Pairing High and Low: Part One

Hey there, everyone.  I hope you had a great weekend.  Ours was spent with family, and we even got away on Saturday night to go out for dinner and eat the biggest ice cream sundae I have ever had in my life — it was awesome!

I thought I would start a series that will only be a few posts, but I want to talk about the benefits of pairing both high-end and low-end furnishings; in other words, expensive things with inexpensive things.  I have taken photographs of several areas of my in-laws’ home in order to show this to you all — they are really the masters of this topic.  In their house, though a lot of their decor comes from places like HomeGoods, the fact that they have paired these items with high-quality furniture or accessories gives the appearances that everything is high-end.  I’ll show you Part One’s example.

Pairing High and Low: Part One {Something Decorated}

All right.  In this vignette, you have the fireplace, which is a fixture in the room and is obviously really beautiful.  But on top of the mantel — two DIY centerpieces made from vases, feathers, and twigs (things that you can easily find at your nearest craft store); two prints in decorative, hefty frames; and one very expensive family heirloom clock.  Without the clock, the mantel wouldn’t look as high-end.  Those centerpieces look much more luxurious with the other pieces.  Do you see how it all works together to create a balance of high and low, which all looks high-end when the parts are added up?

We’ll be looking into this more as the next couple of weeks progress.  Pairing high and low is such an easy way to add depth and chicness to your home while only investing in certain pieces.  I hope you enjoy this series!

xoxo, Maria


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