The Laundry Room

Hey there, friends.  Happy Wednesday!

I was doing some work on Pinterest this morning, and I saw quite a few laundry rooms that were really pretty.  Someday I will have a laundry room of my own that actually makes me want to do laundry.  🙂  There’s so much you can do to customize the space for what you use it for, too.  I’ve seen some with gift wrapping stations, some with computers, some with reading chairs — I love it!  Make the space work for what you use it for; that is the best way to design, anyway.  Let’s look at some pretty pictures!

The Laundry Room {Something Decorated}

via Homedit

This laundry room also doubles as a pantry, or at least a place where an overflow of kitchen essentials are stored.  A very clever idea!  I love the farmhouse vibe that is mixed with more contemporary finishes.

The Laundry Room {Something Decorated}

via HomeBunch

The dark cabinetry in this room is so pretty.  I love the globe light fixture and the storage bins underneath the appliances.  And aren’t those little metal buckets on the top shelf cute?  I wonder what’s in those…

The Laundry Room {Something Decorated}

via designMARVEL

This laundry room proves that your space doesn’t have to be large to be lovely.  First of all, the lighting is perfect.  Industrial, while still working beautifully in this rustic design scheme.  The little faucet is adorable, too.

The Laundry Room {Something Decorated}

via Decor Pad

So, me personally, I’m not a huge fan of the stacked washer/dryer situation.  It feels a little bit inconvenient to me, but I know that some people love it.  I do like the way that it looks.  And I like and appreciate the area for hanging up clothes.  I find that an area like that is pretty essential for me when I do laundry.

The Laundry Room {Something Decorated}

via HomeTalk

This laundry room is so well put together in both a design and aesthetic sense.  The finishes all marry so well.  The beadboard is such a sweet, cottage-y touch.  It’s a relatively easy solution to make a room look more custom, too.  My sister-in-law added beadboard in her builder-grade kitchen and painted her cabinets, and both made such a difference.  It’s the little things…the details in design that matter.

The Laundry Room {Something Decorated}

via Houzz

I have loved this particular laundry room for a long time.  It’s perfect for a beach house, with a door leading, perhaps, to the beach where people with sandy feet and wet bathing suits will be entering…right into the laundry room.  Pretty brilliant!  The soft color of the walls, the lighting, the crisp white mixed with a buttery cream — gorgeously executed.

The Laundry Room {Something Decorated}

via Lacquered Life

Now this is an interesting solution — a laundry station in the kitchen!  I really love this idea!  A great way to multi-task and having the laundry area in a more central location is a good idea for a lot of people.  And the machines are behind cabinets, so with the doors closed, it just looks like a little nook area.  Very awesome idea.

The Laundry Room {Something Decorated}

via Flickr

What better place for bright whites than a laundry room?  With all of the accessories, this room goes from sterile to warm and lived-in.  Personally, I think the one thing I would change is to take out the cabinet above the sink and extend the hanging rod all the way up to the top of the inset.  It may be difficult to hang anything substantial with the way that area is currently designed.

The Laundry Room {Something Decorated}

via HomeTalk

Omg.  Dream room right here.  A herringbone brick floor?  Double the washer/dryer action?  Beautiful cabinets with an even more beautiful finish?  Adorable French sink?  Please please please.  I love this room so much, and I am daring to call it my favorite laundry room I have ever seen.  What do you think?

The Laundry Room {Something Decorated}

via House & Home

A cute wallpaper on an accent wall in the laundry room — now that’s a great idea, and an easy one to implement in any laundry room, whether custom or builder-grade.

Are you re-designing your laundry room in your head yet?

xoxo, Maria


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