Happy September!

Hi there, friends.  I hope you have had a Happy Sunday.  We spent ours with family, as usual.  My baby nephew was present and he is so cute and growing so fast.  There was plenty of good food and plenty of football.  Which got me thinking…

Happy September!  {Something Decorated}


To me, the beginning of Fall is an absolute state of mind — it starts when you say it does.  This season is my absolutely favorite, and now that we have been thrust into September, I’m finding myself slowing down more, enjoying the slight changes in day-to-day weather, and really letting myself dwell in the start of this season.

Happy September! {Something Decorated}


I know that, for some, it is way too early to even be thinking about this new season.  After all, Labor Day was just last weekend.  But for me, I am there and reveling in it.  I’m thinking about our first nippy morning, my annual taste of a piping hot Pumpkin Spice Latte, a Halloween with a baby in the family, and Thanksgiving with my Aunt who is traveling all the way from Holland to be here this year.  That’s a lot of happy in a few months’ time; and I, for one, am so ready.

Happy September! {Something Decorated}


Although I don’t have my own house to decorate for the season this year, I’m looking forward to seeing what my mother-in-law has up her sleeve.  I will obviously share all of the various decor with you all, too!  I am going to miss having a space of my own to make pretty, but I think this will be the year that I focus on more than just the decorating aspect, you know?  Sometimes I feel like it’s easy to get lost in that and miss out on all of the memories being made while things are messy or in transition.

Happy September! {Something Decorated}


So, as the year wraps itself up, my goal for these next months is to be present.  Spend as much time as possible with both of our families, snuggle with my gorgeous husband as often as I can, and enjoy, cherish, and smile every day.

Happy September! {Something Decorated}


I hope you don’t mind the occasional Fall post around here as we enter these wonderful months.  October will be more Halloween-dedicated when seasonal posts are written; but I’ll reserve November for lots of Fall posting.  Until then, I hope you’ll join me in reveling in the start of this season.  This is the most wonderful time of the year…. the beginning.  🙂

xoxo, Maria



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