Fall Fashion

Happy Friday, everyone!  I am really looking forward to the weekend — it has been a busy week!

So, everyone knows that the best part about Fall is the fashion…right?!  Maybe I am biased, but I think this is especially true in Arizona.  We (impatiently) wait through a hot hot hot summer in order to slip into our mild Fall and Winter weather patterns and pretend like the gorgeous boots and coats are necessary.  There are places in AZ where temperatures actually require these things, but where I live, not so much.  I just pulled out some of my Fall clothes from storage and am willing the cooler temperatures to come with their presence in my closet.  This probably won’t happen for another month or so, but in the meantime, I will be ready!  😉

Over the course of the past few years, I have adopted a pretty conservative/classic style.  Oh, how I wish I could pull off a lot of the super edgy looks that are out there right now, but I’m more comfortable in my, well, comfort zone and really prefer easy outfits that basically look good on just about anyone.  So for Fall fashion inspiration, I’m seeing (for myself) a lot of cozy knits, boots, the occasional faux-fur outerwear, and tights.  These are the styles that I am planning to implement into my wardrobe in the coming months…

Fall Fashion {Something Decorated}

Leather pants.  Or, in my case, faux leather pants.  I want to sooo bad…  I have been in the process of losing a bunch of weight (something I will share about eventually here on this blog) and I feel like I am *almost* at the point that I could do this.  Cute chunky sweater, pretty and slightly edgy handbag, and killer shoes.  This should be easy.

Fall Fashion {Something Decorated}

A trench, jeans, and ballet flats.  You don’t get much more French-inspired than that.  I need a trench coat this year…  A timeless style and a good investment.  Loving those Salvatore Ferragamo flats, too.

Fall Fashion {Something Decorated}

I love this outfit for something dressy.  Christmas Eve dinner?  A fancy night out with my hubby?  Clearly Kate Middleton always looks effortless, but there’s something so put-together about this and yet it is not the least bit fussy.

Fall Fashion {Something Decorated}

Very cute for a casual day out running errands.  Another need: a tweed jacket of some sort.  That metallic trim detailing is what makes the ensemble, in my opinion.  Boyfriend jeans…  What do we think of these?  I like that the ones Bethenny is wearing are not super baggy.  These are really flattering and are still feminine without being saggy.  Pink Hermes bag.  Yeah, I want that.

Fall Fashion {Something Decorated}

Navy and black…what do we think of this, people?  I read somewhere a couple of weeks ago that this is a thing now and that you are allowed to pair them, so perhaps I will try this at some point.  Flawless Chanel bag.  Need that too, for obvious reasons.

Fall Fashion {Something Decorated}

All black.  I can get behind this look because there is a lot of texture here.

Fall Fashion {Something Decorated}

Another effortless ensemble.  And another tweed-looking jacket.  Do you see why these are a necessity?  Instantly adding an element of tailored chicness to any outfit.  This is the year I find one of these.

Fall Fashion {Something Decorated}

Jacket makes it.  Can’t stand the pretty.

Fall Fashion {Something Decorated}

Now this is fun!  Easy striped long-sleeve with a fun leather skirt.  Fun heels to transition from warmer to cooler temperatures.  It’s conservative but at the same time a little edgy because of the material of the skirt and the sandals.

Fall Fashion {Something Decorated}

I think that this may be my favorite Fall outfit…ever.  Killer Louboutin boots, the most perfect jacket in existence (in my opinion), all black, plus a pop of color with the handbag.  LOVE LOVE LOVE…could not love more.

What is a must for your Fall wardrobe this year? Clearly I am jacket-obsessed.  😉  Someone help me.

xoxo, Maria


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