Emily & Meritt

Last week I was at Pottery Barn Kids picking up a baby shower gift for a friend of mine, and I was completely struck by the amazing things that Pottery Barn Teen carries!  Obviously the products at the Kids variety are adorable, too (the kitchen accessories are basically to-die-for), but there was a certain collection at PB Teen that I fell in love with.  I grabbed a handful of the various catalogs as I walked out the door, and when I got home, I scoured the pages for the items I had seen.

The Emily & Meritt Collection was my answer, and the teenager inside of me couldn’t get enough of these glitzy furnishings that make for a super chic statement without being too grown up.  Emily and Meritt are fashion stylists and designers with a very apparent love for edgy and funky pieces with a little bit of rock and roll flair.  I’ll show you some of my favorite items from the collection.  🙂

Emily & Meritt {Something Decorated}

Really cute scalloped duvet set in classic black and white.

Emily & Meritt {Something Decorated}

I love the metallic stripes and dots on this duvet set.

Emily & Meritt {Something Decorated}

Of course, some leopard print is a must for any growing girl with style.  🙂  A little bit of glitz keeps the print age-appropriate.

Emily & Meritt {Something Decorated}

Some rivet designs — edging things up a little bit with some floral prints in the background.  Love it!

Emily & Meritt {Something Decorated}

And you know that a teen girl needs some sequins in her life.  It’s basically a necessity.

Emily & Meritt {Something Decorated}

More gold — Pottery Barn calls this a Liquid Gold Throw.  I love it!

Emily & Meritt {Something Decorated}

Adding a splash of Parisian elegance to the mix.

Emily & Meritt {Something Decorated}

A really great gold bookcase — this is one of those Pottery Barn Teen items that I wouldn’t hesitate to use for an adult client (as long as the height was acceptable).  I would love a pair of these bookcases in an office!

Emily & Meritt {Something Decorated}

An adorable ticking stripe chaise.  I really don’t think that anything else needs to be said about it.

Emily & Meritt {Something Decorated}

LOVE this pinboard.  Another item that could be used in an adult’s space.  Again, love this for an office or closet to pin fashion inspiration, etc.

Emily & Meritt {Something Decorated}

These are lovely and add a really pretty throwback vintage element to a room.  Don’t they look like “grandmother’s”?

Emily & Meritt {Something Decorated}

Whimsical and super sweet alarm clocks.  A reference to Alice in Wonderland?

Emily & Meritt {Something Decorated}

And finally, perhaps my favorite item in the entire collection — this metallic hide rug.  DYING, I love it so much.

Definitely check out the collection, and if you have a Pottery Barn Teen or Kids near you, I highly advise you to pop in because those stores are pretty magical and sincerely make me long for my childhood all over again.  🙂

xoxo, Maria

PS: This is not a sponsored post — I just fell in love with these things and I knew that you would, too!


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