Going Batty

Happy Friday!  Isn’t Friday the best day of the week?  I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time with my husband this weekend, as he starts a new job on Monday that will create a crazy schedule for him in the coming months.  I am so thrilled for him — after months of searching for a position in the emergency medical field, we were very blessed with an opportunity that came upon him for an EMT job with a local ambulance company.  So this weekend, we are celebrating him, and I couldn’t be happier for him.

I wanted to show you a couple of photos of the Halloween decorations around the house for today’s post.  We’ve got creepy spiders in the foyer and flying bats in the kitchen.  🙂  Just enough spook factor, but really, these are adorable.

Going Batty {Something Decorated}

Going Batty {Something Decorated}

My pup posed for the picture, too.  🙂  I will share more Halloween decor as the weeks progress — I’m sure you can spot a couple of vignettes and such in the second photo.

Those spiders in the entryway totally freaked me out when I first came through the door and they had been put up on a night last week.  For a second I thought they were real amongst the shadows and the dark! Imagine my surprise when I got closer and realized that (thankfully!) they were only plastic.

These little decorations can be found at Target — of course.  What doesn’t Target have?  (I couldn’t find the spiders online, but they should have them in the store).

Have a great weekend, everyone!

xoxo, Maria


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